"La Castanyada" and Halloween

Autumn is here. Cold and rain are our mates these months...

A familiar smell is in our streets...what's it? Toasted chestnuts! But in the shopwindows new characters start to be familiar to us...scary pumpins! It's Castanyada and Halloween time.

Are you afraid of spooky and scary stories? Do you believe in ghosts, witches or vampires? EveryOctober 31st, millions of children put on fancy dresses and get sweets by goingdoor-to-door. It is Halloween or the All Hallow's Eve, celebrated in much ofthe Western World.  In Spain, and in other Christian countries, you mayfind a similar festival on November 1st as the All Saints' Day and "La Castayada".

But where did the rituals come from? Why do we eat chestnuts, sweet potato and "panellets"? Why do people carve jack-o-lanterns? Why do children dressin costumes? Why when childrenapproach a stranger's door do they enthusiastically exclaim, "trick or treat?" How did thecustom of orange and black as the colours of Halloween get started?

Let us get to know all these facts... don't be frightened! And of course, don't forget our traditions!

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